CyberFox is the result of years of innovation and technical advancements by the big corporations spending millions to protect themselves. We decided to make it available to every home and small office. Using it is so easy that it doesn’t require any training – just connect CyberFox to your network and everything else is done for you.

How is CybeFox different than the router/firewall you already have?

Firewalls are preventing intruders from coming in to our network. However, majority of the cyber hacks and stealing of information happen when a malicious software is already inside the network and sends our valuable information out (unstopped by the firewall) to a server somewhere on the Internet, often outside of the country. CyberFox is designed to defend from such cyber-attacks.

Why should you care?

Many companies and prominent people think that cyber threat protection devices are not ready for the home or small offices. They think these technologies are too expensive and consumers will not be able to use them. We don’t think so. When you help us succeed, you are helping to bring this technology to everyone at a price that is easily affordable.

We constantly hear in the media about credit card numbers been stolen from big retail stores. Or valuable information been downloaded by hackers from a government facility. Or trade secrets “taken” from big corporations. What we don’t hear about are the stories of the people – how identity information or tax documents, or bank account passwords are been stolen from home computers. And the terrible stories that follow – the financial losses or the years spent in court to regain your life. Often we don’t even know until months or years later.

After all, most of the home networks do not have strong security protection from the Internet pirates, making our personal computers and home automation devices the most vulnerable part of our modern lives. And what is worse – no one is protecting us.

Using CyberFox is easy!

Intuitive set up. The CyberFox is built to be as easily set up as possible. You do not need to mess around with complex setup and configurations as every CyberFox is fully setup and ready to be connected to your home or small office network, and start to work in minutes.

Automatic updates and fully integrated. CyberFox is constantly been updated when new threats are been discovered so there is nothing for you to do. It also seamlessly integrates with your existing anti-virus programs so that you can see everything in one place.